Courses, training and education

If you want to offer courses under the brand name Fit4Drums, you have to participate successfully in an Fit4Drums license training. A manual with all the basics as well as various videos with choreographies are included in the course fee.

A musical education is helpful but not necessary to work with Fit4Drums or to have fun. Also reading music is not required.

The license is not needed for the use in schools and within the therapeutic range. Experience shows, however, that starting and developing your own content is much easier if you have participated in a training license.

Please contact us if you are interested in an in-house training at your school or organization. We like to work with you on a tailor-made concept, so that you can use Fit4Drums in your organization to an optimum.


Manual (download)

Tutorial videos (as a download)

Annual license (after passing the final exam)

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