Team_Bassam2 Bassam Abdul-Salam is the inventor of Fit4Drums. He studied classical percussion in Freiburg/Germany and played for several years in some of germanys most important orchestras. As an orchestra musician and soloist he apeared at some of the world most important festivals like Berliner Festwochen, Salzburger Festspiele, Bienale Venice, roaring hoof Mongolia and many more. In Cuba he studied the holy Batá-Drums. They are the center part of the afrocuban Santeria cult. Since 2001 he is one of the solo percussionist at the musical Disney's „The Lion King" in Hamburg. During this zime he invented the bOdrum, authored the manuals together with his co-author Barbara Hofman and recived international design awards as well as technical patents for his produc
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