bOdrums and more

bOdrums and more

bOdrums and more

bOdrum, stands, sticks and accessories for

Simply order online hardware - for your Fit4Drums course or for home.
The bOdrum and the accessories are completely " Made in Germany". Molded beech wood, textiles and metal components are of proven quality.
The bOdrum is a valent instrument and sport equipment with high stimulative nature for children, adolescents and adults. They need very little space.
And do not worry: It's not nearly as loud as it looks. Its rich, smooth sound is actually suitable for living room and children.
Looking for a gift or want to prepare for a Fit4Drums training? The effective and motivating Fit4Drums training can begin as soon as you unpack your own bOdrum.

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bOdrum™ 3.0. Set black

Product no.: 29

298.00 € *
In stock

bOdrum™ Kids Set black

Product no.: 28

129.00 € *
In stock

Fit4Drums™ 3.0. Sticks (Pair)

Product no.: 2

19.00 € *
In stock

stand one size fits all, steel, chrome

Product no.: 203

39.50 € *
In stock

Travelbag for 1 to 2 bOdrums™

Product no.: 24

39.90 € *
39.90 €
In stock

Fit4Drums™ Kids Sticks (Pair)

Product no.: 27

12.00 € *
In stock

bOdrum™ 3.1. Set black

Product no.: 32

298.00 € *
In stock

transport case for up to 25 bOdrums

Product no.: 192

797.30 € *
In stock
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