Drumming and movement: That's Fit4Drums.


As a certified Fit4Drums-instructor with a valid mit License you are able to lead Fit4Drums-courses in the field of sports and fitness. The use of the bOdrums in schools and therapeutic institutions is free.

 At the Fit4Drums-certification you will learn, what makes a Fit4Drums class successfull. At the download-area you'll find videos and choreographies – for even more fun with our bOdrumstm.

The kontakt-button is your direct access to more information. Please feel free to use it and get the information nececarry to realize your Fit4Drums project.

Have fun!

bOdrum™ 3.0. Set black

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Fit4Drums Warm Up 1

Product no.: 169

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bOdrum™ Kids Set black

Product no.: 28

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Fit4Drums™ 3.0. Sticks (Pair)

Product no.: 2

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DVD "Getting started"

Product no.: 1

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bOdrum™ 3.1. Set black

Product no.: 32

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transport case for up to 25 bOdrums

Product no.: 192

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